The meetinghouse, viewed from Watchung Ave.

Rahway & Plainfield Friends (Quaker) Meeting

(Rahway & Plainfield Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends)

225 Watchung Avenue
Corner of Watchung Avenue & East 3rd Street
Plainfield, NJ 07060
(908) 757-5736

Meeting for Worship - Sunday 10:30 AM and Wednesday 7:00 PM Meeting for Business - 3rd Sunday of every month at rise of Meeting for Worship First Day (Sunday) School -- 10:30 AM

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We are the Plainfield Friends, also known as Quakers. We have been in Plainfield since the 1700s, and changed as the community has changed. Today we are a continuing faith community. Our basic belief is that every person has that of God within. This shapes our faith and our social witness. We believe it is important to practice and nourish both. Thus we hold worship services, and we take action upon the world to advocate for just treatment of all.

Quakers in the twenty-first century adopt contemporary lifestyles much as other mainstream faith communities. The “Quaker” of the Quaker Oats box is a historical image that is dated by 150 years. Our spiritual community has no association with the brand or manufacturer. Today in most Quaker congregations (we call them meetings) most members and attenders are people who were not born Quaker. We offer a faith and social witness that is open to seekers.

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